Spain , the only country in the world with 106 exclusive courts for men

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After  the Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence Law in Spain was approved,, it has formed specific courts. There are right now 106 Inquisitorial Tribunals for judging exclusively good fathers and men in Spain with no constitutional guarantee.

This does not happen in any country of the world. It is more, this does not happen from the 30s, when the Nazis formed exclusive courts to judge Jews.


The reason for the above mentioned juridical barbarity was the “supposed relation of power of the men on the women”, beside supposing a major harmfulness if the violence was caused by  man (Sentence 95/2008, of July 24, 2008)

It seems that these ladies and gentlemen do not remember the numbers before the data is manipulated:

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Or the different national and international studies, even financed by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of Spain, which demonstrate that the violence is bidirectional and therefore, knock down the radical feminist theories:

PARTNER ABUSE STATE OF KNOWLEDGE PROJECT (PASK). The world’s largest domestic violence research data base

Physical Dating Violence in Spain and the United Kingdom and the Importance of Relationship Quality

Perception and description of violent experience in youth dating relationships

Violencia en las relaciones de noviazgo entre jóvenes y adolescentes de la Comunidad de Madrid

Violencia de pareja en universitarios españoles

Las relaciones sentimentales en la adolescencia

Sexismo y agresiones físicas, sexuales y verbales emocionales en relaciones de noviazgo de estudiantes universitarios

Resolución de conflictos de pareja en adolescentes, sexismo y dependencia emocional

Let’s remember that, in addition, art. 153.1 of the penal code “condemns with major rigor the man for the mere fact of  being a man”, that is, that what is a minor offence punished with fine, if a woman commits it towards a man, is a crime punished with jail, if it is on the contrary, of a man towards a woman.

Also we must remember that, the word of the woman is enough to condemn to the man, that is, that her word is equivalent to the absolute truth.

With similar legal reasoning, tomorrow Tribunals exclusive for immigrants, poor, homosexual, black, Gipsy, Islamic, Jewish, women or politicians could be erected.

Yes, also for women, because if we use the same arguments , courts should become specific only to them because women are responsible for more deaths of children and should be typed criminally differently:

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Or also exclusive Courts for politicians, since it is known by all, that the above mentioned group is the causer of the major number of cases of corruption and of documentary falsehood. Article 390 of the Penal Code about documentary falsehood:

1. The authority or government employee will be punished by sorrow of prison from three to six years, fine from six to twenty-four months and special incapacitation for time from two to six years, that, in the exercise of his functions, comet falsehood:

Altering a document in someone of his elements or requirements of essential character.

Simulating a document in everything or partly, so that it induces to mistake on his genuineness.

Supposing in an act the persons’ intervention that they have not had, or attributing those who have intervened in him declarations or manifestations different from those that they had done.

Being absent to the truth in the story of the facts.

2. There will be punished by the same sorrow to indicated in the previous paragraph the person in charge of any religious confession who incurs someone of the conducts described in the previous numbers, respect of acts and documents that could produce effect in the condition of the persons or in the civil order.

Do you know some politician condemned for the above mentioned article 390?

And you may be wondering. If all this is true ,what is the reason for this nonsense?. The answer is simple: The women’s vote and the enormous amounts of money received through subsidies:

See: The industry of the gender violence Spain


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  1. Posets says:

    El feminismo es femimarxismo, nada tiene que ver con el nazismo.
    Las ideólogas e ideólogos del feminismo moderno y la ideología acientífica de género son, en gran parte , de origen judío(Emma Goldman, Shulamith Firestone y un largo etc) e ideológicamente anarquistas o marxistas(como Simone de Beauvoir)

    No son feminazis, son FEMIMARXISTAS.

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