Funds , in der Theorie, für den Kampf gegen Gewalt gegen Frauen

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Funds, in der Theorie, für den Kampf gegen Gewalt gegen Frauen

Gobierno de España. Ministerio de Igualdad

Es wird angenommen, dass das Geld , um geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt gegeben , sollte der Kampf gegen Gewalt an Frauen gehen:

It is assumed that the money given to gender-based violence , should go to the fight against gender violence. This is the Evaluation of the implementation of the Law 1/2004 against gender violence. 299 pages terrible waste of money. To give an example:

Publication of the magazine ” Dime” Special Gender Violence . Extremadura Budget 2006: 11.560€

-Prize Journalism ” EIGHT OF MARCH ” . Madrid Year 2006 Budget : 36.000€

-Name Campaign , ” Campaign for a gender-neutral toy ” .Castilla and Leon . Objective: Eliminate stereotypes in choosing toys that limit or hinder equal opportunities. Media : Projecting a spot in all theaters of Castilla and Leon , the insertion of wedges and advertisements in media , dissemination of educational materials and awareness through small business and primary schools . Budget: 2007: 229.553,34€ ; 2006 : 229.477,55€ ; 2005 : 194.486,41€

-Workshops Work and photography contest . Mislata City Council . 2005 : 749,76€

-Fibromyalgia Association. Villena and region. Valencia. Non-pharmacological treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation support fibromiágica woman. 2005 : 5000€

-Name Campaign: ” Something is changing around you .” Objective : Sensitization to highlight and promote new emerging models of men who contribute to building an egalitarian society. Media : press advertisements and advertising panels on bus stops . Time: 1 month. Budget 2007 : 42.274€

-Name Campaign: “Love must be free of sexism , jealousy and quarrels .” Catalonia. Objective: To reach young and adolescent population messages that can help detect and away from behaviors domain , possession , control, and aggressiveness. Media : TV , radio , newspapers, magazines , Internet , SMS , banners , posters. Time : From 15/11/2007 to 06/12/2007 Budget 2007 : 903.725.94€

-Course Introduction to sign language. Valencia. 2006 :  3.795€

-Adaptation The Center for Integral Attention to Women Victims of Domestic Violence to facilitate access to women with physical or sensory disabilities . Asturias. 2006 : 120.000 €

-Workshops Attitudes toward sexuality . Overcoming myths. Cantabria. 2006 : 22.000€

-Driving license aid . Objective: To promote the employment of women CLM . Castilla la Mancha. 2007 :120.000 €

Program Kangura . Objective : Provision of Kangura service, to promote the employability of women. Castilla la Mancha. 2007 : 734.523€

Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid . Andalusia. 2006 : 25.000€

-CCOO Workers Union. Cantabria. Año 2006: 58.000€

-UGT Workers Union. Cantabria. Año 2006: 58.000€

Association for the integral promotion of sexual health. Cantabria. 2006 : 62.000€ 

Association of Women Lawyers THEMIS. Castilla La Mancha. 596.154€  

-CCOO Workers Union CLM. Castilla La Mancha. 52.572€

Federation of Neighborhood Associations. La Rioja. 33.951€

Movement for Peace, Disarmament and Liberty. Madrid. 16.363,91€

Socio-Cultural Center MADRID15.453,29€ 

Deaf Federation MADRID11.729,15€

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