Les lois de la violence de genre. L’inquisition du XXIe siècle

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Les lois de la violence de genre. L’inquisition du XXIe siècle

Un documentaire très intéressant avec le titre « ne pars pas, un papa » qui approfondit sur la situation d’inégalité entre hommes et des femmes en matière d’une violence de genre.

Dans lui il arrive à comparer les actuelles lois dans une défense des femmes à un nazisme le plus pur.

Il analyse la situation depuis tous les versants, familiales, judiciaires, légales, statistiques, comparatives européennes …, en dénonçant la corruption qui s’entoure à cette Loi.

Ayez une patience, la vidéo va de moins à plus, avec données, des chiffres, des argumentations… qui scandaliseront n’importe quel être humain, avec quelque chose d’un sens commun.

PAPI, des Professionnels de l’Art et de la Publicité contre l’Iniquité



The campaign  » Don’t go away Daddy » denounces brutal discrimination, humiliation and offense of men in Spain

•Already integrated by more than a hundred of social and legal institutions, we collect funds to reveal the vast magnitude of these acts and to decry them before international organisms.

• Professionals of the Papi platform, in fellowship with the fundamental rights organizations for all individuals without discrimination, sets up this campaign with a video-project that unmasks genuine atrocities in this country.

In order to disclose this untenable situation Papi has made a 23 minute videoproject that counts with the supervision and main advising of the PCI (Citizen Platform for Equality) from its outset, and its title – « Don’t go away, Daddy’ – shares name with the campaign. In the video some of the contents and facts that are synthesized and accredited will be approached with greater depth in the future full-length documentary.

Papi (Professionals of Arts and Publicity against Iniquity) emerges as a result of the systematic violation of men’s and their children fundamental rights in Spain, and as a corollary, of the rights of all their extensive family.

All the organizations that support this endeavor have always been target of slurs, censures and slander in the mass media. Whoever dares to stamp out this social harm is personally labeled as a male chauvinist, advocate of abusers, harassed, persecuted, retaliated and crushed by their alleged contrast to « women’s rights »

Nevertheless, nothing is further from reality than these accusations. In fact, these organizations are full of women, from feminist associations, or even women who really are or have been victims of partner violence, who seem to be even more defenseless because of these policies and laws. They assert that irreversible damage is being caused and more and greater partner conflicts are being caused.

Associations that defend joint custody of children, demonstrated world-wide to be an invaluable asset for children and society, but which the « gender » lobby insists describing as « another another means of gender violence » (giving lectures under this title).

Some organizations fight for Children’s fundamental rights that have been usurped by the privileges for mothers, the woman. Organizations of Grandparents that have been separated from their grandchildren, of children that have been separated from their fathers, of fathers that have been victims of child alienation against them, female and male specialized jurists of great prestige who have denounced a preposterously discriminatory network, that is very harmful, organized professionals for protection against sectarian, coercive groups, and a long etc.

Institutions from other countries are already joining this campaign, and consider it urgency to uncover the damage that the gender perspective is causing in a country that is taken as an example of pro equality performance, since from the political, legal and media forces it is being pushed with force in order to implement these methods around the world without paying attention the terrible consequences.

It is being allowed and supported for governmental institutions and for Spanish mass media to bury, for more than one decade already, the systematic violation of civilian population’s fundamental rights and its devastating consequences.

In this video project you can already see, along with supporting documentation, that in Spain, not only has the « author criminal law » (inherent to segregation systems), considering an action as a crime, exclusively and just if it carried out by a man, but also, a woman’s verbal testimony has been legalized as proof enough to condemn the defendant without needing any further evidence.

For Spanish men the fact of saying « go to hell » or « you are to regret it » to his mate, if it’ s a woman, is considered a crime even if it’s said during an avid argument between both. Even if it sounds like a joke, the same thing happens with farting in wives presence. Some men have already been convicted for some of these reasons.

Professionals from the juridical and forensic field are retaliated when they openly stated their concern about the alanning amount of fraudulent denunciations, unfounded, or even ridiculous, under the heading of the so called gender violence. This fact is officially denied with tendentious supervisions with no trace of seriousness , and in spite of the rigorous studies done on official information that, among other things, reveal only a minority of denunciations lead to a conviction, and of these, most will do so without legal guarantees.

But these innocent men, hundreds of thousands, are already being imprisoned, treated like delinquents, isolated from their children, their life and properties, deprived of their fundamental rights and oppressed beyond the self desperation that precedes suicide, and that ends ups with a large number of them. Number that will certainly have to be counted as thousands and whose parameter was eliminated years ago with intervention of the Women’s Institute in these statistics.

Far from taking care of these alarming facts women continue to be pressured to denounce at the slightest chance , because the number denunciations submitted, and just the single fact of being submitted, is the main financing parameter concerning this matter for institutions, and entails all type of benefits and privileges for the denouncer.

The law has been used for spurious purposes. The sole accusation can interfere with joint custody agreements, disavow the father at schools, hospitals… and even cause the cessation of visitation rights in some the Autonomous Regions.

But all this devastation and legal trap, is not limited in any circumstances to cases of alleged violence, since the so-called ‘positive discrimination’ extends this atrocity to any case of divorce litigation. Children are being used as simple tools, to separate them from their father, grandparents, extensive family, and are being subjected as well, to all kind of abuse, manipulations against the non custodial parent and other disorders. These are genuine traumas that are very difficult to get through within a lifetime.

At both legal and administrative level, an aura of impunity has been generated around the mother, allowing her to not even comply with visitation rights having rarely to bear with any consequences for it.

This audiovisual piece can be see n at papLo rg.es, Web site for the campaign and where signatures are registered and financial support for the realization of the film is collected. Its production, broad casting and presentation to legal international entities, along with a well documented report , depends on the success of the financing of this campaign, that nourishes itself mainly with the voluntary contributions of the millions of people affected.

Because only the strength of unity, along with individual and anonymous but collective boosting, can challenge an industry based on deliberate manipulation of the truth about domestic abuse, which turn into thousands and thousands of millions of Euros and that articulates as well the interests of power.

Caritas Diocesan has stated in several occasions that 80% of their charity dining room s users are separated or divorced fathers and, according to the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics, 80% of homeless are men and separation or divorce is one of the two main causes, only surpasse d by employment loss (crisis).

According to the INE’s own data, family rupture increased male suicide rate from 6 to a minimum of 38 at the beginning of the Millennium. It was rising, and huge gaps in the computation of these victims, hide the absolute figures that would highly multiply those caused by evictions, and that so seriously alarmed Spain. Why, far from studying this phenomenon after radical hardening of methods, has the civil statu s of these victims never again been reflected?

We are confronting a public health problem that is truly of great concern.

GenMad DISCLOSING ENTITY Antonia Carrasco asociaciongenmad@gmail.com

PCI ADVICE AND CONTENT REVIEW Fernando Otero manifiesto@plataformaporlaigualdad.es

Papi MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTION management team notevayas@papi.org.es

– Papi Dirección y realización

– PCI, Plataforma Ciudadana par la Igualdad. Reve.on y asesoramiento de contenidos

• Abuelos Separados de sus Nietos – Abuelos Canaries sepa rados de sus nietos

– GenMad Principal entidad divulgadora

– Abuelos Separados de sus Nietos – Abuelos Canaries sepa rados de sus nietos

– GenMad Principal entidad divulgadora




– ACCI-Albacete

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– ACCI-Cuenca

– ADDI infancia




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– Amnistia Infantil


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-Asociación Catalana Padres Separados

– Asociación Custodia Compartida Alicante

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-Asociación Navarra de Padres y madres divorciados y Separados .

-Asociación Nacional Afectados por Sindrome Alienación Parental

-Asociación mujeres juristas víctimas de violencia de pareja

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– AVILEGEN JAEN Asociación Padres de Familia Separados de Costa Rica

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– Asociación para la Protección Integral de la Familia, Cadiz

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– Asociación para la Protección Integral de la Familia, Huelva

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– Asociación PRO Defensa del Menor

– Asociación de Abuel@s par la Custodia Compartida

– Asociación mixta de separados de Ciudad Real

– Asociación vigesa de padres y madres separados por la C.C

– Asociación de Hijos de Padres Separados

– Asociación Bienestar del Menor

– Asociación Custodia Compartida en Galicia Xa

– Asociación Custodia Compartida Sevilla

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– Cx lE associacio Catalans Per la Igualtat Efectiva

– DINPERFA Damnificados por Informes Periciales de Familia

– Dones per la Igualtat y la Custodia Compartida

– Edfp Rei Asociación contra la exclusion jurídica.

– FADIE Federación Andaluza en Defensa de la Igualdad Efectiva

– FASE Federación Andaluza de Separados

– Favor Filii Federación canaria por la custodia compartida

– FECADISE Federación  Catalana de Afectados por divorciados y separados

– Federación Estatal Union de Separados

– Feder·Gen Federación de afectados por las leyes de Genero

– FlAPS Federación Iberoamericana de Padres Separados

– FEMII Feministas par la Igualdad

– FRAI CC Federación Regional de Asociaciones pro Igualdad y Custodia Compartida

– Fundación Papa par Siempre de Colombia

– FUNDIAPHO Fundación de Instituto de Apoyo al Hombre. Costa Rica

– GDIE Granada para la Defensa de la Igualdad Efectiva

– Granada par la Custodia Compartida iVA!

– Herm ano Oso

– Hijos Separados y Divorcio

– Justicia sin Genero

– Kidetza federación de Euskadi de pad res y madres separados

– La Terraza asociación par la custodia com partida

– Otro feminismo es posible

– PAEA Pad res Aragoneses en Acción

– Padres del Obelisco (Argentina)


– Papa Huelva

– Projusticia


– RedUNE

– Segundas Esposas de Valencia

– Segundas Esposas de Murcia

– SOSpapa – SOS papa-mama Ma laga

-TCC Tarragona por la Custodia Compartida

– UEFACC Union Estatal de Federaciones y Asociaciones por la Custodia Compartida

– Unidos por la custodia compartida de Almería

– VISC asociación Vive Sin Celos


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  1. Pancho says:

    Pero que es esto?. Estamos locos?. En que clase de país vivimos?. No podemos sentar en el banquillo a los políticos de mierda que tenemos?. Hay que hacer algo

    • Jesus says:

      no es cuestion de eso, simplemente es respetar la presuncion de inocencia, os es que mi palabra vale menos que la de otra persona?

  2. A.G.M says:

    A ciertos politicos y sistema judicial de este pais:
    si condenais como lo habeis hecho a mi amigo a casi tres a

  3. Jesus says:

    Dos conclusiones se sacan de todo:

    1.-La presuncion de inocencia no vale, EN UN ESTADO DE DERECHO!!!!!.
    2.-Si eres mujer tienes un derecho mayor que un hombre.

    Pero en que pais vivimos…..

    Y todo al final por dinero. Viva la justicia….

    No hay a nadie de los que mandan que se le revuelvan las tripas con esto?.

  4. Carlos says:

    En un estado de derecho que se precie, lo que no se puede es hacer es una ley que defienda los intereses de una parte y perjudique gravemente a la otra parte, cuando ambas partes son multitud. Si no sabéis hacerlo de otra manera, mirad otros países desarrollados o dejad sitio a otros que lo sepan hacer bien y no perjudiqueis tanta gente inocente sus vidas.

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