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La celda de los inocentes

Livre dans les mains d’un agent de police qui a souhaité rester anonyme

What has began as a simple project for a study on false allegations of gender violence occurred in Spain since the implementation of the current Gender Violence Law (Organic Law 1/2004 of 28 December on Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence Spain- LIVG), It ended up by being this book, requested by the great majority of the protagonists.

Have been many interviews, e-mails, phone calls and hundreds of hours of conversations by the author with men who have suffered. In this book, for obvious reasons space, only 30 of those heartbreaking cases are reflected.

The testimonies will not leave you unmoved. They are innocent men who have slept behind bars, they have lost their home, the custody of their children and in many cases their work. The only guilt is to be man in the process of separation or divorce. In some case the testimony is told by the sister of the accused as he had committed suicide, unable to bear the situation imposed by the justice.

In some cases after an argument, in others a jealous rage, or some interest, in others by being immersed in the process of separation or divorce … but all have something in common : her partner or former partner decided to make  A PHONE CALL saying that she has been victim of Gender violence.

After ‘THE CALL’, the LIVG, forces the police, to locate, arrest and transfer to the police station the alleged aggressor, without absolute necessity or obligation to verify if what has denounced the alleged victim is true, or is a false accusation just to hurt or get away from your partner.

Men who have slept in cells, that have been handcuffed and detained in the presence of friends, neighbours, family and even coworkers. Men who have lost their freedom without doing anything. Men who no longer will see their children because a judge and an ambiguous law says so. Men who has stolen their presumption of innocence and right to equality, both covered in our Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (from 1948, Article 11, which provides that « Everyone charged with a crime has the right to be presumed innocent while his guilt is proved, according to law in a public trial in which they have had all the guarantees necessary for his defense. »)

According to the author: « Of course, I have nothing against the law itself, but the protocol of detention is the problem. Is « sitting » favorable rulings mostly in favor of woman because she´s considered victim in all cases, have the right or not ».

In this book you will find the tears of people who have trampled their rights under a law that, if it is true that has helped many, many others has shattered for life.

Also you will find the testimony of the SAF Chief Police, a lawyer, a judge and a Victims Guide. All, without exception, agree in the same… « This, my friends, representatives of the government, ladies and gentlemen, it wasn´t the much desired equality we wanted. This doesn´t, of course. « 

« You can´t punish a man for the mere fact of being a man. »

Francisco J. Lario

Fco. J .Lario.-

For anyone interested in purchasing a book, simply request profiles Facebook: Francisco J. Lario or La Celda de los Inocentes, or write an email to

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