The reality of gender violence

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The reality of gender violence in Spain

I always thought Justice in Spain worked until I personally suffered it. I was certainly wrong…
Spanish Constitution, Article 14: Spaniards are equal before the law, without any discrimination for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, or any other personal or social condition or circumstance
Spanish Constitution, Article 24: All persons have the right to the effective protection of the judges and courts in the exercise of their rights and legitimate interests, and in no case may there be a lack of defence. 2. Likewise, all have the right to the ordinary judge predetermined by law, to defence and assistance of an attorney, to be informed of the accusation made against them, to a public trial without delays and with all the guarantees, to utilise the means of proof pertinent to their defence, to refrain from self-incrimination, to refrain from plea- ding guilty, and to the presumption of innocence.
Spanish Constitution, Article 17.1: Every person has the right to liberty and security. No one may be deprived of his liberty without observance of the provisions of this article and only in the cases and in the form prescribed by law.


In Spain there are at present several thousand innocent fathers imprisoned for false reports and irregular actuations by judges, lawyers and psychologists with no scruples. They could be up to 5000. Nobody knows. The institutions of law themselves hide this drama. Amazingly, over 1.300.000 Judicial procedures after being reported for gender based violence, even ending in suicide.

When the Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence Law was approved, now 10 years ago, it incorporated various blatantly anti-constitutional articles, although the Constitutional Court will not admit it ( more than 200 appeals of unconstitutionality from honest judges have been turned down)
The presumption of innocence for the father was ditched, needing only a simple accusation, without any evidence, to condemn, even to prison. The accuser’s word, made stronger by manipulated reports from psychologists is enough, adding to the apathy and enthusiasm of too many prejudiced judges and soulless lawyers who in this way multiply their earnings bleeding their victims.
Looking at this graphic we can see how the number of women murdered by gender based violence remains stable, both before and after the approval of this law.

Women killed by Gender Violence in Spain

This law hasn’t fulfilled the noble need for which it was approved. It has had on the other hand dramatic consequences for many fathers like myself. It continues incarcerating innocents without allowing them the minimal legal guarantees, something that must be denounced. Furthermore, the so called abbreviate procedure is used, which further undercuts these guarantees.

These tragedies are mostly caused by divorce procedures, by the father’s legal inequality and most importantly, by the money involved, money that makes many dishonest lawyers recommend their clients to take the penal route, knowing in advance its a win-win situation that will only fatten their income, with absolute disregard to the consequences.

Since the passing of the mentioned law inmate population has increased dramatically. Most of the media consider it a social disgrace but then Spain is fortunately and truly one of the countries with a lower rate of gender based violence in the western world. The problem being the lack of surveys since courts are not interested in letting the truth be known.
An evil business has been set up full of subsidies and spurred trough irregular judicial practices. A place where appeals are useless and normally ignored, as denounced by the UN itself, since the first instance is always right and verdicts are never overturned. Even the Constitutional Court works like this.

It is necessary to denounce such corrupt practices, that the innocent ones begin to have voice, to go to the jails, which could defend in the waves demonstrating that there has no been justice for them, arousing the viewers of the immense hidden tragedy.

This web page aims to make politicians, judges, prosecutors and the media conscious of the atrocities being committed in Spain. The English and French translations of these atrocities aim to show these facts worldwide reaching important international media such as the BBC, the Washington Post, France TV, etc.. and in this way allowing them to denounce what many politicians and media in Spain don’t because of either ignorance or sheer lack of involvement.


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  1. Deckard says:

    La presunción de inocencia debe ser derecho universal e irrenunciable de toda sociedad que se autodenomine democrática.

  2. Web Hosting says:

    Ademas de esto, dejo claro tambien de que no existe ningun perfil tanto de victima como de maltratador. Es dificil que seamos conscientes de la realidad porque mientras se repitan canticos como el del partido de Betis a favor del maltrato, comentarios despotas hacia las mujeres por Internet o la vision danina que tenemos del amor, todo seguira igual.

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