The industry of the gender violence Spain

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The industry of the gender violence Spain

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By por Jose Luis Sariego. Abogado:

Global information on Funds CGPJ (2004-2014):

1.300.000 Judicial procedures  by 3.200€:€ from European Union

Where this money goes?:

• Expenses VSLM Courts .

• Expenses new services protecting women in law enforcement .

• Creating new jobs jobs in PIM , CIM , Women’s Institutes , etc.

• Creating new jobs work councils and related AA CC .

• subsidies to associations exclusively women.

• Funds for Schools Lawyers and Psychologists.

• universities, foundations , etc. ( studies).

• 15 % support for battered women ( Seg . Social , supervised apartments , etc. ) .

Gender violence in the state budget and the CC . AA .:

• The State has committed since 2004 a total of 12.125 billion euros ( *) .

• The Autonomous Communities , Provincial and Local Councils 21.2 billion euros ( **) .

( *) Source : Laws 2004-2010 budgets .

(** ) Source : Ministry of Equality.

What happens when the sentence is acquittal?:

All women still earn less than denounced .

Comparative figures to ponder: Kills women gender violence 2009: 59 ( 2.145 billion euros budget year ) Kills working 2009: 4,651 ( budget year 342,000 euros) Violent deaths of children / as 2009: 212 ( 0 euros budget ) Men killed by violence gender 2009: 26 (Budget 0 euros) Source : CIS comparative quotations Act 2009 .

Directly or indirectly by political parties for 2004 LVG proceeds:

• PSOE 42%

• PP 28%

• ERC y PNV 7%

• IU 6%

Forceful‘s article about the information of the industry of the so called Gender Violence. Read it, it does not have waste:

PROJUSTICIA, subvenciones y empleo de las mismas

Proposal for territorial distribution for the 2005 financial year , the fund to assist in the commissioning of services that guarantee the right to integral social assistance to victims of domestic violence , recognized in Article 19 of the Organic Law 1 / 2004 of 28 december on integrated protection measures against gender violence in Spain:

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Evaluation of the implementation of the Organic Law 1/2004 of 28 December . Protective measures against gender violence at the regional level:

It is assumed that the money given to gender-based violence , should go to the fight against gender violence. This is the Evaluation of the implementation of the Law 1/2004 against gender violence. 299 pages terrible waste of money. To give an example:

Publication of the magazine ” Dime” Special Gender Violence . Extremadura Budget 2006: 11.560€

-Prize Journalism ” EIGHT OF MARCH ” . Madrid Year 2006 Budget : 36.000€

-Name Campaign , ” Campaign for a gender-neutral toy ” .Castilla and Leon . Objective: Eliminate stereotypes in choosing toys that limit or hinder equal opportunities. Media : Projecting a spot in all theaters of Castilla and Leon , the insertion of wedges and advertisements in media , dissemination of educational materials and awareness through small business and primary schools . Budget: 2007: 229.553,34€ ; 2006 : 229.477,55€ ; 2005 : 194.486,41€

-Workshops Work and photography contest . Mislata City Council . 2005 : 749,76€

-Fibromyalgia Association. Villena and region. Valencia. Non-pharmacological treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation support fibromiágica woman. 2005 : 5000€

-Name Campaign: ” Something is changing around you .” Objective : Sensitization to highlight and promote new emerging models of men who contribute to building an egalitarian society. Media : press advertisements and advertising panels on bus stops . Time: 1 month. Budget 2007 : 42.274€

-Name Campaign: “Love must be free of sexism , jealousy and quarrels .” Catalonia. Objective: To reach young and adolescent population messages that can help detect and away from behaviors domain , possession , control, and aggressiveness. Media : TV , radio , newspapers, magazines , Internet , SMS , banners , posters. Time : From 15/11/2007 to 06/12/2007 Budget 2007 : 903.725.94€

-Course Introduction to sign language. Valencia. 2006 :  3.795€

-Adaptation The Center for Integral Attention to Women Victims of Domestic Violence to facilitate access to women with physical or sensory disabilities . Asturias. 2006 : 120.000 €

-Workshops Attitudes toward sexuality . Overcoming myths. Cantabria. 2006 : 22.000€

-Driving license aid . Objective: To promote the employment of women CLM . Castilla la Mancha. 2007 :120.000 €

Program Kangura . Objective : Provision of Kangura service, to promote the employability of women. Castilla la Mancha. 2007 : 734.523€

Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid . Andalusia. 2006 : 25.000€

-CCOO Workers Union. Cantabria. Año 2006: 58.000€

-UGT Workers Union. Cantabria. Año 2006: 58.000€

Association for the integral promotion of sexual health. Cantabria. 2006 : 62.000€ 

Association of Women Lawyers THEMIS. Castilla La Mancha. 596.154€  

-CCOO Workers Union CLM. Castilla La Mancha. 52.572€

Federation of Neighborhood Associations. La Rioja. 33.951€

Movement for Peace, Disarmament and Liberty. Madrid. 16.363,91€

Socio-Cultural Center MADRID15.453,29€ 

Deaf Federation MADRID11.729,15€

To see complete Study:

Budget 1st strategic plan for the equality of women and men in Andalusia. 2010-2013:

Almost 3000.000.000€ only in Andalusia in three years . And millions of family who have no money to finish the month

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Budget 2016 Andalusia:

Department of Equality and Social Policy: 1.817.551.687€



That is, that of the more than 41 million Euros receiving the Institute for Women in Andalusia, only 1.5% ,619,121€ are destined to women victims of domestic violence?. This is crazy

Source: Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Andalucía 23 de diciembre 2015 (pág. 65 y 98)

Active Revenue of Insertion:

A symptom of supposed corruption it would show this graph

Gender violence crimes and offenses dealt

From 2007, the number of women who receive the Active Revenue of Insertion (RAI), 426 €/mes for 11 months, extendable up to 33 months, to be a majority of those who denounced of gender violence from 2011. But the crimes and offenses dealt were stable (20 %), not condemned increase. Another indication of corruption promoted by such a perverse incentive?

The corruption of the Gender Violence:

The Court of Auditors denounces irregularities in gender observatories

4 women arrested for forging certificates as victims of gender violence to receive employment aid

UGT y CCOO se quedan con más del 60% de las subvenciones del Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer – Libertad Digital

El Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer otorgó subvenciones ilegales a mujeres vinculadas a la industria de género Alerta Digital

Un colectivo gay denuncia que Leire Pajín ha dado 4 millones a ‘asociaciones afines al PSOE’ Valencia

El Tribunal de Cuentas ve ‘deficiencias’ en los contratos del Ministerio de Aído España

La Fundación donde trabaja la hermana de Aído recibe 150.000 euros – Libertad Digital

Foros de Derecho Mujeres progresistas y el ‘lobby’ gay acaparan las ayudas del IRPF

El delegado del Gobierno para la Violencia de Género falseó datos sobre el suicidio de mujeres para justificar sus tesis sobre los malos tratos

El Tribunal de Cuentas denuncia que Aído ‘pasaba’ de la igualdad en las contratas

Cost of domestic violence against men and women in the Member States of the European Union , by extrapolation of British case Member States

Cost of gender-based and intimate partner violence against men and women in EU members States , by extrapolation from UK case to member States

Accepted to study the alleged fraud affecting the European funds granted to Spain against Gender Violence. European Anti – Fraud Office:

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Court of Auditors. Audit report of the Government Office for Gender Violence:


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  1. Juanda says:

    Fraudes como este de la operación Pomelo, donde se ponían de acuerdo en ponerse denuncias falsas para conseguir la nacionalidad y 426€/mes por la cara. En eso se va el dinero tan necesario en estos tiempos de crisis. Pero aquí todos están untados y nadie quiere destapar fraudes.
    Abogados que dicen: dame 3000€ y te consigo la nacionalidad y 426€/mes para siempre, claro que los hay. Y acuerdan denuncias falsas entre ellos mismos. Esos al menos no meten al pobre marido inocente en la cárcel.

  2. Anonimo says:

    He encontrado este sitio, que se dedica entre otras cosas a jornadas feministas en balnearios, apoyado por dinero público y una Asociación Centro Unesco de Madrid que no encuentro por ninguna parte y no sé lo que será en realidad. Una de las abogadas de Themis dio unas jornadas en el sitio y me llamó la atención lo cuidado del diseño y lo extraño del contenido. La escuela no da nombres de integrantes ni organización, no encuento consejo directivo ni responsables.

    Sólo hay un enlace a la asociación de mujeres para la salud que parece un posgrado en malestares de género, sea lo que sea eso:

    Y aquí el equipo de esa asociación:

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