Dictatorship of gender: when the justice surrenders to the power and the power to the ideology. Serrano Family attorneys

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Dictatorship of gender: when the justice surrenders to the power and the power to the ideology

Does a separation of power exist? I write about gender dictatorship, an example of when the justice surrenders to the power and the power to the ideology.

The worst dictatorship that can be suffered is that one that feigns a democratic structure. All dictatorship in addition always seeks protection in legitimate ends to justify the cut and indiscriminate restriction of freedoms and rights.

To the new gender dictatorship do not import the pain and suffering of the women who suffer a royal violence of court machista who discriminates and considers them to be unequal, they are the pretext, which matters is to impose the ideological radical and totalitarian expositions that very few ones know, beginning for whom, of good faith, keep believing in the postulates feminists who defends the real equality of opportunities with independence of the sex.

This ideological dictatorship of fanatical, opportunist and immoral has been imposed, turning into a device of control that dominates the mass media, the executive and legislative power; being the judicial power the one that more has resisted, though due to the corruption that stems from the form of appointment of the organs of government, General Advice of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), ultimately this power, which should be independent, surrenders and politicizes, beginning from the charges of political appointment and extending networks to the rest of the judicial career at the cost of onerous and orchestrated campaigns of sectarian indoctrination.

I attach a study of the University Camilo Jose Cela published in 2012, in which you see the numbers from the CGPJ and the occultism of the false accusations in Spain.

False accusations in cases of gender violence in Spain myth or reality

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