Another dead because of the criminal Spanish Gender Violence Law

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“I express, finally, my wish that this Judgment does not mark the beginning of our order of fulfillment of Mezger’s dream: two Criminal Rights; a criminal law for the generality, in which, in essence, the principles that have governed until now will remain in force. And, with it, a completely different criminal law, for special groups of certain people. “

This is the particular vote made by Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Zapata Pérez to the Sentence of the Plenary which resolves the unconstitutionality issue no. 5939-2005, on art. 153.1 of the Criminal Code, in the wording given by Organic Law 1/2004, of December 28.

Mezger, was one of the leading lawyers of Hitler. Changing race by sex, the double criminal law mentioned is inspired by its disastrous legislation of such terrible reminiscences approved by criminal politicians. The rest will end up coming. This is a clear example:

“Hello, good night, just say goodbye to everyone around here, my grandmother, my parents, my brother, my family, my friends, and the kids and the kids and all my people from football and from outside. Thank you very much for existing I love you very much and you know it and Bea and the babies too 😘😘😘❤️ 

Nobody will understand but that is what you and I know. I do not know if we were wrong or only me, it seems only me. People think what they want, I know what I’ve done for you and I leave with my conscience very calm ☺️☺️…

Thanks to everyone I am sorry. I’ll rest. You will not understand but I do

Daniel Pla Pallares

Rest in Peace Daniel Pla

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