Feministinnen für die Gleichstellung: Femii , macht einen tollen Job

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Feminists for the Equality: Femii, realizing a great work

FEMII is an association to claim the essence of the real Feminism. The Feminism that fights for the EQUALITY IN THE EYES OF THE LAW, that one that proclaims that women and men are equal of valuable and of capable. The one that does not need from any type of discrimination (not at least positive), to make to cost the capacities of both sexes. That one that requests equality of opportunities without asking for advantages. But that does not plead for the feminine superiority, but it supports the complementarity of both sexes. That applauds the differences because this circumstance enriches when it is shared and is assumed instead of of separating.

Certainly it is not exclusive, here there have content all those persons who believe in the EQUALITY with capital letters, independently of the sex that they are. Only with the collaboration of all we will achieve that the revanchismo and the imbalance between sexes excels itself. Only with the desires of wishing the harmony between both, working for it without promoting abysses that separate us.

Religion or group are in opposition to the violence, from any sex, race. The kindness, the violence, the love, the solidarity and any other emotion or concept do not know about sex.

Report on inequality

The Spanish ruin and the budget of gender violence

Infantil mistreatment in the familiar environment. The poisoning of the mass media to the service of the radical feminism


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